LIA welcomes children who celebrate their 3rd birthday no later than 31 December following the start of the school year.

Age at the beginning of the school year or on 31 DecemberSwiss System

LIA uses this name

French SystemAmerican SystemBritish System
3 yearsPre 1PPetite SectionPreschoolNursery School
4 years1PMoyenne SectionPre-KReception
5 years2PGrande SectionKindergartenYear 1
6 years3PCPGrade 1Year 2
7 years4PCE1Grade 2Year 3
8 years5PCE2Grade 3Year 4
9 years6PCM1Grade 4Year 5
10 years7PCM2Grade 5Year 6
11 years8P6emeGrade 6Year 7

Our concept of dominant and partner languages allows us to offer each child the appropriate level of French and English instruction.

A new student will typically be placed in the group which corresponds to his age. However, if necessary for the child’s well-being, we may offer to place him in the group best suited to his academic skills and maturity.

Bilingualism at LIA

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